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ted mcgrathMany online sites promote woodworking guides for both greenhorns and veterans alike that choosing which one is the best can be difficult. Of course, all of them will be promoted as the best – the number 1 to attract more customers, many of whom may complain of a scam once the products are in their hands. But Ted McGrath‘s product, consumers and critics alike agree, is not a scam.

This product is named after its creator, thus, Teds Woodworking. It is the product of the author’s decades of experience as an accomplished professional woodworker with plenty of customers to back up his claim. Since McGrath also started as a novice woodworker, the instructions are stated in clear, concise and direct words without the technical jargon that characterize other DIY woodworking guides.

On the other side of the equation, you will also find that Teds Woodworking provides challenges for veteran woodworkers with plenty of advanced projects. There’s no danger of running out of challenging projects with over 16,000 plans from small flower boxes to full-sized cabins. Your skills will be improved with every project successfully completed.

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Ted McGrath definitely has the woodworkers from hobbyists to professionals covered with this product. Everybody will benefit from the detailed diagrams, drawings and schematics as well as color pictures of the final products. With the complete materials list, you will not be embarking on a guessing game as to which wood is the most suitable, which nail is the best and which stain is the perfect one, among other things. The result will be wooden furniture or fixtures just as you expected them to turn out.

You will also be pointed to the right woodworking tools for each project. We suggest using the suggested tools and equipment for faster results if you are still a beginner. But you can substitute tools as you gain experience in woodworking.

Did we mention that Ted McGrath is also an educator? As such, consumers of the product will learn more than a few things about woodworking aside from the obvious plans. You will pick up useful tips on how to work with wood, how to maintain safety in the working area and lots of other valuable knowledge that will go a long way towards your transformation from an amateur hobbyist to a possible professional woodworker.

You will also love the fact that the plans and projects are classified into logical categories. With 16,000 choices, this organization makes it easy to choose the right plans for your needs instead of having to riffle through a voluminous book. For example, your choices include plans and projects for windmills, beds, cabins, sheds and other furniture pieces.

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Plus, you can also avail of the bonuses offered with the purchase of Ted’s Woodworking. The bonuses are the DWG/CAD Plan Viewer, lifetime membership access premium woodworking videos, “How to Start a Woodworking Business” book and the Complete Woodworking Carpentry Guides. And you have the 60-day money back guarantee, too.

Indeed, when it comes to woodworking expertise, Ted McGrath delivers on the goods. Now, get your hands to do the work and find fulfillment in being able to build things of practical value.

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