Workbench Plans

workbench plansEverybody who has manual work to do using a table will require a suitable workbench since it makes the work easier, thus, resulting in faster and superior results. As a result, workbench plans are popular products among woodworkers because of the many benefits of the final products.

Types of Workbenches

Depending on the needs of the user, a workbench can be a simple table without storage areas to a complex table complete with storage shelves, sliding compartments and other required tools of the trade. For example, if you are a woodworker, your workbench must have integral clamping mechanisms.

There are also workbenches that are considered tools in themselves mainly because the surface itself can be used for measurement purposes. The features, dimensions and other specifications of the workbench mainly depend on the requirements of the occupation. Thus, you will find workbench plans for the following occupations:

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  • General woodworking workbench offers integral clamping mechanisms in its solid wood frame with other features fitted to a specific step in the woodworking process such as joinery, carpentry or patternmaking.
  • Metal working workbench has a top-mounted vice to allow for welding, grinding and forging, among other metalwork-related tasks.
  • Gardening workbenches provide for plenty of storage and display space for potting, grooming and seeding purposes.
  • Electronic workbenches are used in the repair of electronic items and, thus, must have built-in power sources, task lighting and shelves.
  • Jewellers’ workbenches have features like the bench pin and leather apron. These are designed for almost-microscopic work.

Other possible workbench plans are for work by laboratory technicians, pipefitters and machinists, among other occupations. Probably the most popular workbench is the multi-purpose kind since it can be used by many occupations including general repair, not to mention that these are light, small and portable.

Common Attributes

Despite the differences in the features, dimensions and specifications, workbenches have common elements that make them functional, durable and stable. These commonalities include:

  • Comfortable height from which to work on with features that allow for both seated and standing activities. For example, a workbench for a jeweller may be lower than that for a gardener since the former must hunch over to see the gems under the magnifying glass.
  • Mechanisms to secure the object being worked on such that the person can work with both hands. This is usually achieved by built-in clamps and other similar devices.
  • Storage space for the tools, materials and other substances

Thus, when choosing workbench plans, you must look to these desirable attributes first before requiring other occupation related features. For example, if the workbench has adequate storage space but the height of the table makes for uncomfortable postures, then the workbench plan is not for you.

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When you have chosen the right workbench plan, your main job is to purchase the materials, follow the step-by-step instructions and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Once you are satisfied with your handiwork, you will be motivated to pore through more workbench plans for your family and friends. You have then stumbled upon an excellent personalized gift for the ones dearest to your heart.

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